Your air conditioning is not cooling in the middle of summer.  You decide to call some AC repair company to refill the air conditioning system.  However, an experienced, reputable AC repair technician will advise to replace the leaky evaporator coil and strongly discourage the yearly recharge of Freon. It is not normal for refrigerant to run out. If you ever have to add Freon to the AC system, there’s a leak. The best advice is to locate and repair the leak or replace the faulty equipment as soon as possible.

What causes Freon leaks anyway?

The composition of the indoor air affects the condition of the evaporator coil and other components of the air conditioning system. Furniture, building elements, and even common cleaning solutions emit fumes called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over time. In energy-efficient homes, which are more tightly sealed, these compounds build up to levels that are significant. Formaldehyde in particular reacts with the condensation on the copper tubing in evaporator coils to form formic acid. Formic acid eats away at the copper and causes microscopic holes in the tubing. Refrigerant leaks out as a result.

What can a homeowner or business owner do? Here’s a few helpful tips to reduce the corrosion caused by formic acid and other VOCs:

Allow more fresh outdoor air inside to dilute VOCs concentration inside the home or business.

Have a whole-house air cleaner installed inside the air conditioning ductwork. Numerous models have a ultraviolet light inside that destroys VOCs and cancels out formic acid buildup.

Schedule an qualified air conditioning technician to come and perform maintenance. They can clean and inspect the evaporator coils with neutralizing formic acid solutions and remove dirt & dust. A clean coil transfers heat more efficiently, which may lower electric bill costs.

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