Freon Leaks

Right in the middle of summer your air conditioning unit stops cooling. The A/C repair technician came, and like he has been doing for the past few summers, charged the unit with Freon and once more failed to address the root of the problem. The evaporator coil was leaking and needed to be replaced.

Somehow, the air conditioning unit got through another season and all is well, so it seems. Unaware of the damage done to the compressor, one day you turn on the A/C at the beginning of the following summer and suddenly the machine stops. The compressor is burnt out. Could that have been prevented? Yes, it could have.

The A/C repair technician should have given the right advice to the homeowner, which was to replace the leaking evaporator coil and end the yearly recharge of Freon. It is not normal for Freon to simply run out. If you ever have to add Freon to the A/C system, there’s a leak. The best advice is to locate and repair the leak, or replace the faulty equipment as soon as possible.

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